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Laura J. TrudelLaura J. Trudel

Hybridoma Specialist
Technical Associate

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Biological Engineering
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Room 26-027
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: 617-253-3116
Fax: 617-324-5698

Laura Trudel received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from the State University of New York, Purchase, N.Y. (1978). She began her research career in 1976 at Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Yonkers N.Y as a laboratory assistant. In 1979, she worked at Boston University Medical Center as a research assistant in the Department of Biochemistry in the laboratory of Dr. Karl Schmidt. She joined Dr. Wogan’s research group at MIT in 1981. Having trained with Dr. Anne Rothstein-Marshak at BUMC in hybridoma technology, she established a Hybridoma Core laboratory at MIT, where she has developed many unique monoclonal antibodies for carcinogen-DNA and protein adducts that have been extensively applied in molecular epidemiology studies. In addition, her current research includes development and application of cell culture systems for investigations of adverse responses to nitric oxide and other reactive species involved in inflammation. In addition to her research contributions, she trained many graduate students, postdoctoral associates and fellows in the techniques of hybridoma technology and cell culture.

Selected Publications

Kiziltepe T., T. Hideshima, K. Ishitsuka, E.M. Ocio, N.Raje, L. Catley, C.-Q. Li, L.J. Trudel, H.Yasui, S. Vallet, J.L. Kutok, D. Chauhan, C.S. Mitsiades, J.E. Saavedra, G.N. Wogan, L.K Keefer, P.J. Shami, and K.C. Anderson.. JS-K, a GST-activated nitric oxide generator, induces DNA double strand breaks, activates DNA damage response pathways and induces apoptosis in human multiple myeloma cells. Blood 110: 709-718, 2007.

Zayas, B., S. W. Stillwell, J.S. Wishnok, L. J. Trudel, P. Skipper, M.C. Yu, S. R. Tannenbaum and G.N. Wogan. Detection and quantification of 4-ABP adducts in DNA from bladder cancer patients. Carcinogenesis, 28(2): 342-349, 2006.

Skipper, P.L., L.J. Trudel, T.W. Kensler, J.D. Groopman, P. Egner, R.G. Liberman, G.N. Wogan and S.R Tannenbaum. DNA adduct formation by 2,6-dimethyl-, 3,5-dimethyl- and 3-ethylaniline in vivo in mice. Chem. Res. Toxicol. 19: 1086-1090, 2006.

Li, C.-Q, B. Pang, T. Kiziltepe, L.J. Trudel, B.P. Engelward, P.C. Dedon, P.C., and G.N. Wogan. Threshold effects of nitric oxide-induced responses in wild-type and p53-null human lymphoblastoid cells. Chem. Res. Toxicol 19: 399-406, 2006.

Li, CQ, Robles AI, Hanigan, CL, Hofseth, LJ, Trudel, LJ, Harris, CC, and Wogan, GN. Apoptotic signaling pathways induced by nitric oxide in human lymphoblastoid cells expressing wild-type or mutant p53. Cancer Res. 64: 3022-3029, 2004.

Wright, T.L., Li, C.-Q., Trudel, L.J., Wogan, G.N. and Tannenbaum, S.R. Determination of nitric-oxide-induced effects on tissue levels of glutathione and mitochondrial membrane potential. Methods in Enzymol. 359: 319-328, 2003.
Li, C.-Q., Trudel, L.J. and Wogan, G.N. Genotoxicity, mitochondrial damage and apoptosis in human lymphoblastoid cells exposed to peroxynitrite generated from SIN-1. Chem. Res. Toxicol. 15: 527-535, 2002.

Li , C.-Q., Trudel, L.J. and Wogan, G.N. Nitric oxide-induced genotoxicity, mitochondrial damage and apoptosis in human lymphoblastoid cells expressing wild-type and mutant p53. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 99: 10364-10369, 2002.
Hussain, S.P., Raja, K., Armstad, P.A., Sawyer, M., Trudel, L.J., Wogan, G.N., Hofseth, L.J., Shields, P.G., Billiar, T.R., Trautwein, C., Hohler, T., Galle, P.R., Phillips, D.H., Markin, R., Marrogi, A.J. and Harris, C.C. Increased p53 mutation load in nontumorous human liver of Wilson disease and hemochromatosis: Oxyradical overload diseases. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA. 97: 12770-12775, 2000.
Jackson, L.R., Trudel, L.J., Fox, J.G. and Lipman, N.S. Monoclonal antibody production in murine ascites: Part I Clinicopathologic features. Lab Animal Sci. 49(1): 70-80, 1999.
Jackson, L.R., Trudel, L.J., Fox, J.G. and Lipman, N.S. Monoclonal antibody production in murine ascites: Part II Production characteristics. Lab Animal Sci. 49(1): 81-86, 1999.
Jackson, L.R., Trudel, L.J. and Lipman, N.S. Small scale monoclonal antibody production in vitro: Methods and resources. Lab Anim. 28: 3, March, 1999.
Ravanat, J.-L., Turesky, R.J., Gremaud, E., Trudel, L.J. and Stadler, R.H. Determination of 8-oxoguanine in DNA by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and HPLC-electrochemical detection: Overestimation of the background level of the oxidized base by the gas chromatography-mass spectrometry assay. Chem. Res. Toxicol. 8: 1039-1045, 1995.
Lipman, N.S., Trudel, L.J., Murphy, J.C. and Sahali, Y. Comparison of immune response potentiation and in vivo inflammatory effects of Freund's and RIBI adjuvants in mice. Lab Animal Sci. 42: 193-197, 1992.
Groopman, J.D., Skipper, P.L., Donahue, P.R., Trudel, L.J., Wildschutte, M., Kadlubar, F.F. and Tannenbaum, S.R. Monoclonal antibodies and rabbit antisera recognizing 4-aminobiphenyl DNA adducts and application to immunoaffinity chromatography. Carcinogenesis 13: 917-922, 1992.
Groopman, J.D., Hasler, J.A., Trudel, L.J., Pikul, A., Donahue, P.R. and Wogan, G.N. Molecular dosimetry in rat urine of aflatoxin-N7-guanine and other aflatoxin metabolites by multiple monoclonal antibody affinity chromatography and immunoaffinity/high performance liquid chromatography. Cancer Res. 52: 267-274, 1992.


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