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Reid Allen in Munich

Munich, Germany

Reid Allen '09, Mechanical Engineering

Designed race car parts for BMW Motorsports...

Biyeun Buczyk in Uganda

Uganda, Africa

Biyeun Buczyk 10, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Making computers and IT available to schools and businesses as part of Computers for Uganda...

Carlos Gorbea in Germany

Erlangen, Germany

Carlos Enrique Gorbea Diaz ’06, MIT Sloan MBA

Interned in management consulting for Siemens Management Consulting...

how can I afford it

While MIT cannot promise that all costs incurred when going abroad can be covered, every MIT student should be able to find an international experience that is financially feasible. Some programs cover all expenses, while others cover partial expenses or offer stipends. For uncovered expenses, tap into the array of MIT and external funding sources.

If you receive financial aid, it is important that you meet with your financial aid counselor to discuss the impact of your planned experience on your financial aid including whether your experience abroad is financial-aid eligible.

For any program you are interested in, make sure you understand how the experience is funded:

  • What is the total cost of the experience, including travel and living costs?
  • What expenses will the program cover?
  • If you are considering an internship, will the amount of pay you receive cover your living expenses? Will the sponsor cover travel expenses?

Tip: Combining programs abroad can help you fund your experience. For example, you could do a public service project while you participate in a paid internship or a study abroad program.

Funding sources for any type of experience:

Examples of funding sources for public service:

Examples of funding sources for research:

Examples of funding sources for learning abroad:

Examples of funding sources for internships abroad:

U - Undergraduate
G - Graduate

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