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Tyler Ellis in France

Lyon, France

Tyler Ellis 06, Graduate Student in Nuclear Science and Engineering

Collaborated in the design of a nuclear plant for an advanced reactor...

Reid Allen in Munich

Munich, Germany

Reid Allen '09, Mechanical Engineering

Designed race car parts for BMW Motorsports...

Mish Madsen in Israel

Haifa, Israel

Mish Madsen ’09, EECS

Worked on collaborative technology at IBM Research Labs...

Gilad Evrony in India

Bangalore, India

Gilad Evrony 07, Brain and Cognitive Science

Developed a system to improve tracking the health of children around Bangalore...

Carlos Gorbea in Germany

Erlangen, Germany

Carlos Enrique Gorbea Diaz ’06, MIT Sloan MBA

Interned in management consulting for Siemens Management Consulting...

internships & work

An international internship or summer job abroad not only gives you hands-on, practical experience, it also challenges you to do so within a different culture and often using a foreign language. Gain a global perspective that is invaluable to you as a participant, innovator and citizen in our global economy.

U - Undergraduate
G - Graduate



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