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Bonnie Shum

Cambridge, England

Bonnie Shum 08, Chemical Engineering

Spent a full year at University of Cambridge studying chemical engineering...

Kriti Jain in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

Kriti Jain 07, Biology

Field study abroad program led to the creation of a non-profit to benefit the women of Kibera, Nairobi...

Tania at Oxford

Oxford, England

Tania Chan 07, Materials Science and Engineering

Studied at Oxford University during fall semester of her senior year...

Nicole Koulisis in Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Nicole Koulisis '09, Biology

Studied at Universidad Complutense and interned in Spanish hospitals...

study abroad

An experience studying abroad immerses you in the culture and language of a country. At the same time, you are challenged to listen, study and learn in a foreign language within an educational system that is likely to be very different from MIT. Emerge with a broader understanding and appreciation of global differences and your own ability to meet the challenges created by these differences.

  • A place to start: explore the Global Education website
  • Spend spring semester taking classes at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and/or the Universidad Complutense de Madrid through the MIT-Madrid program [U]
  • Spend your junior year at the University of Cambridge in England through the Cambridge-MIT Exchange (CME) [U]
  • Take an intensive language course abroad taught by MIT faculty during IAP through IAP-Madrid (Spanish II) [U]

Several MIT academic departments offer departmental exchanges:

U - Undergraduate
G - Graduate

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