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Equal focus branding

Pairing the MIT logo with your organization’s identity increases the meaning and visibility of both organizations, while still clearly giving visibility to your organization’s graphic presence. You draw on the considerable brand meaning of MIT, and your successes further build the MIT brand. If your organization already has a symbol that has garnered equity, this is a good strategy. It’s important that both marks are presented to have equal visual weight.

Creating a logo

  • If you already have a department identity, continue to use it (Apex New may only be used for master branding). Please note: With equal focus, you must have a logo, logotype, icon or symbol as well as the full spelling of your department's name.
  • If you are creating a new logo for your organization with this branding option and your logo will include “MIT,” the Institute requires you to have the design approved by Communications Initiatives. Contact us to review your proposed design. Strive to choose typography that contrasts and complements the MIT logo.
  • If you choose this branding option, Communications Initiatives will properly place the MIT logo with your logo at no charge and provide you with the appropriate files for print, web, and social media. Contact us to get started. Please note: This combined logo must be built by us to ensure that it's configured correctly; we can also provide our template to approved graphic designers.

On the web

With this branding option on your website, the MIT logo must link to the MIT home page,, and your organization’s name must link to your home page. A rollover on each element reinforces the distinction; hover over the MIT logo and the department name below to see the effect.

  • If your organization’s logo and name are too long to display correctly on mobile web browsers, create a shorter version that responds to screen width. Narrow this browser’s window and observe the logo above.
  • If your logo is one of several logos on another site (such as in a sponsor list for an event), the entire logo should link to your department’s home page.


  • With this branding option, the MIT logo needs to coordinate with the colors in your department’s identity. Visit our Do/Don’t page for color tips on using the MIT logo.

Horizontal examples

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Square examples (only for social media and merchandise)

Communications Initiatives can help you determine if equal focus branding is right for you.

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