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Master branding

With master branding, the MIT brand is the brand of your organization. The success of your organization immediately accrues to both your organization and to MIT, and the power of the MIT brand is leveraged to advance your organization. There are no other graphic identifiers, and your name is presented in straightforward typography, separated from the MIT logo with a vertical rule and a defined amount of space.

Creating a logo

  • If you choose this branding option, Communications Initiatives will create your logo at no charge and provide you with the appropriate files for print, web, and social media. Contact us to get started. Please note: This logo must be created by Communications Initiatives to ensure that it's built correctly; do not attempt it on your own.
  • With this option, the only type family that may be used is Apex New.
  • Master branding may only be used for your department, organization, or program’s name; it cannot be used for student groups or for a publication, event, service, or resource.

On the web

  • With this branding option on your website, the MIT logo must link to the MIT home page,, and your organization’s name must link to your home page. A separate rollover style on each element reinforces the distinction; hover over the MIT logo and the department name below to see the effect.
  • If you have a long name, you must have an alternate shorter version to display on mobile devices.
  • If your logo is one of several logos on another site (such as in a sponsor list for an event), the entire logo should link to your department’s home page.


  • The only permitted colors for the MIT logo in master branding are black and red, gray and light gray, or light gray and white (on a dark background).
  • In the square option for social media, any color may be used for a solid background, with the logo reversing to white.

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Horizontal examples

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Square examples

  • A color other than the standard master branding colors may only be used for the square option. When looking at a social media feed with several MIT master branded logos, the color differentation will help distinuish the various accounts.
Communications Initiatives can help you determine if master branding is right for you.