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Branding Options

MIT allows the following three options for branding your department or group in conjunction with the MIT brand. The options allow you to position your organization at different “distances” from the MIT brand. They range from having the MIT brand lead the way, to your organization being at the forefront—with MIT in a supporting role. You may use whichever option best meets your needs.

Because the strongest brand on campus is the MIT brand itself, MIT requires that any new identity projects adhere to one of these options and that existing identities be modified. Because of the range of options, only a small adjustment may be needed in many cases.

Contact Communications Initiatives if you’d like advice on which option would be the best fit for your goals, or if you have any questions about how to make your existing identity fit with one of these options.

Communications Initiatives can help you determine which branding option to use.
Branding option Master branding Equal focus branding Organization focus branding
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What is it? The MIT logo, a verticial divider, and your group's name. There is one font and a limited color palette. This option ties you to the MIT parent brand at the highest level. The MIT logo, a vertical divider, and your group's logo (which must include both a symbol and text). This option gives equal weight to MIT and your group. Your group's logo is the primary focus, with the MIT logo in the same visual field. The two logos must be separated by sufficient clear space so the two are not visually connected.
Who may use it? MIT departments, labs, centers, organizations, and programs. It may not be used for student groups or for a publication, event, service, or resource. Any MIT group with a logo that contains both a symbol and text. (A logo that's only text would look like a variation on master branding.) Any group or individual at MIT.
How do I get it? Contact Communications Initiatives. We must approve your request and build the logo file, and we'll provide formats for web, print, and social media at no cost. Contact Communications Initiatives and provide your group's logo file. We must build the combined logo to ensure it's configured correctly, and we'll provide formats for web, print, and social media at no cost. Visit our downloads page to get the MIT logo; be sure to select the appropriate file format based on the usage.
MIT logo colors The MIT logo may only be used in these palettes: black/red, gray/light gray, or light gray/white (for use on a dark background). The MIT logo takes on the colors of your group's logo. Any two colors in which the stem of the "I" is visually secondary to the rest of the logo. Use MIT's official palette, or coordinate the colors with your own look and feel.