MIT Logo

Branding Options

MIT allows the following four options for branding your department or group with the MIT logo. They range from having the MIT brand lead the way, to your organization being at the forefront with MIT in a supporting role. You may use whichever option best meets your needs.

Because the strongest brand on campus is the MIT brand itself, MIT requires that any new identity projects adhere to one of these options and that existing identities be modified to fit; in many cases, all that may be needed is just a small adjustment.

Contact Communications Initiatives if you’d like advice on which option would be the best fit for your goals or if you have any questions about how to make your existing identity fit with one of these options.

Master branding

With master branding, the MIT brand is the brand of your organization. There is one approved type family and a limited color palette with this option. We can create your logo for you at no charge and provide you with the appropriate files for print, web, and social media.

Equal focus branding

With equal focus branding, the MIT logo and your department’s identity are visually balanced. We can properly place the MIT logo with your logo at no charge and provide you with the appropriate files for print, web, and social media.

Organization focus branding

Organization focus branding has the MIT logo and/or the MIT initials or full spelling within the same visual field as your department’s identity, but your department’s brand takes precedence.

Endorsed branding

Endorsed branding provides the most independence for your department and may be most effective when a purposeful distance from MIT would be beneficial for fundraising opportunities or if you are part of a collaboration between two equal partners.

Communications Initiatives can help you determine which branding option to use.