MIT Logo


MIT’s graphic identity has evolved greatly over the years. From the time MIT was founded in 1861, the seal has been a symbol of the Institute. Many colleges and universities also use a seal, but because seals tend to look similar they do not create a distinct visual identity.

To increase MIT’s visibility and improve the consistency of communications, in 2003 the Institute embarked on a process to develop a unique mark as distinctive as MIT that evokes the innovative, curious, technological, scientific, entrepreneurial, and clever culture of the Institute.

After an extensive process involving the MIT community that explored MIT’s image in the world and how it could be best represented, the Institute unveiled the MIT logo, created by type designer Matthew Carter. Today, it is used on virtually every type of communication—from websites and print publications to social media and stationery to signage and t-shirts. The MIT seal, while still an important part of MIT’s culture, is now reserved for ceremonial use.

In 2013, to address requests from departments, labs, and centers to more closely connect themselves visually to the MIT identity, this site was updated to offer several new branding options, as well as standards for creating a social media profile image.