MIT Logo

Logo: Placement

Balance is an essential feature of good design. Graphics, imagery, and text must all be balanced so that each element is able to speak clearly. If you give the logo a distinct presence in the design, it will have greater impact and won’t distract from other messages you wish to communicate.

When using the MIT logo on its own or with the Institute name at any of the three official sizes, leave at least 4 stroke widths on either side and at least 2 stroke widths above or below so that it does not appear connected to other elements.

If you are using master branding or equal focus branding, be sure to follow those specific guidelines for use with the MIT logo.

Visit our Do/Don’t page for guidance on proper use and placement of the MIT logo.

Three logo sizes

On websites, use only these sizes in .png format. Changing their sizes will distort the proportion and spacing of the logo. For print, use the supplied .eps formats. If you need to make an incremental size change, start with the supplied .eps version nearest to your final size.


Contact Communication Production Services for guidance with proper logo placement.