MIT Logo

Merchandise: MIT logo

Proper usage

  • The MIT logo is the Institute’s primary mark and must be considered first when creating new merchandise.
  • “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” is part of the MIT logo system.
    • The full name must be on the same line or on three lines: “Massachusetts” on the first line, “Institute of” on the second line, and “Technology” on the third line. Contact to request the logo files. The logo and full name must be proportional in size to each another. (see Example H)
    • In cases where space for “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” is limited, you may display the name on the same line or on two lines: “Massachusetts Institute” on the first line and “of Technology” on the second line. You may omit this only in cases where including the spell-out would be difficult due to the production method or location of the graphic.
    • Do not place “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” on top of or behind any graphic elements. (see Example D)
    • When spelling out “Massachusetts Institute of Technology,” we recommend using these logo files; contact to request the files. You may also use basic modern fonts such as Univers, Helvetica, or Arial. The only acceptable serif fonts are Times Roman or Collegiate Style/Athletic Block. Do not use highly stylized, script, or italicized fonts.
  • The logo may be shown with a vintage effect.
  • Do not use an outline treatment on the logo.
  • Do not pair the logo with the MIT seal. (see Example D)
  • Do not allow a zipper or buttons to interfere with the MIT logo or “Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”
  • Any design that resembles or that could be construed as an official or unofficial mark of the Institute will not be allowed.


MIT’s official colors are PMS 201 C, PMS 423 C, and black.
PMS 420 C may also be used when a light gray is needed to contrast with PMS 423 C.

PMS color chips

When rendering the MIT colors in CMYK (process color), use the following:

CMYK color chips

PMS 201 C: 24; 100; 78; 17
PMS 423 C: 48; 39; 39; 4
PMS 420 C: 24; 20; 20; 0

The following tints of black may be substituted for the gray colors:

black tints

When rendering the MIT colors in RGB, use the following:

RGB color chips Hex color chips

PMS 201: RGB: 163; 31; 52; Hex: #A31F34
PMS 424: RGB: 138; 139; 140; Hex: #8A8B8C
PMS 420: RGB: 194; 192; 191; Hex: #C2C0BF

MIT logo colors

The five official color options for the MIT logo are:

Black and red
Red and gray
Black and gray
Gray and light gray
Light gray and white

The logo should be produced in two colors with similar weight (see Example B). The primary colors are PMS 201 and 423 (or 57% of black), though other color combinations are also permitted. The MIT logo may be created in one color, however, if the production method (foil stamping, embossing, etc.) would prohibit a two-color design.

Please note that a red and white or black and white logo is not permitted because the two colors differ too much in value.

Scale and spacing

  • When applying the logo to apparel, the size of the logo should be no larger than 10'' wide on zippered sweatshirts and no larger than 8'' wide on all other garments. (see Example F)
  • Do not distort the properties or the proportion of the logo. (see Example I)


Contact to request high-resolution files of the MIT logo.