MIT Logo

Web and Mobile

  • The MIT logo must be “above the fold” or in a sticky footer (which is always visible when scrolling) on all pages in desktop, tablet, and mobile views (and link to so your site is instantly recognizable as being part of MIT.
  • If you are placing the logo in the same vicinity as your search box, be sure there's enough space between the two elements so it doesn’t appear that the search is for all of MIT, rather than just for your site.
  • The words “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” must appear on all pages of your site, if you are not using it as part of the MIT logo or your department's logo. At a minimum, it can be in the footer. The MIT logo reinforces the name of the Institute and shouldn’t replace it, since some people outside of our community may not know what “MIT” means. Having the full name will also help with search engine optimization.
  • If you are using master branding or equal focus branding, the MIT logo must link to the MIT home page,, and your organization’s name must link to your home page. A rollover on each element reinforces the distinction; hover over the MIT logo and the department name below to see the effect.
  • If your logo with one of these branding options is one of several logos on another site (such as in a sponsor list for an event), the entire logo should link to your home page.
ID site on iPhone
Contact Communications Initiatives for advice on branding for web and mobile.