APP12 PictureInfo Tags

The JPEG APP12 "Picture Info" segment was used by some older cameras, and contains ASCII-based meta information. Below are some tags which have been observed Agfa and Polaroid images, however ExifTool will extract information from any tags found in this segment.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
'Aperture' Aperture N  
'ColorMode' ColorMode N  
'ConTake' ConTake N  
'ExpBias' ExposureCompensation N  
'FNumber' FNumber N  
'FWare' FirmwareVersion N  
'Flash' Flash N 0 = Off
1 = On
'FocusMode' FocusMode N  
'FocusPos' FocusPos N  
'ID' ID N  
'ImageSize' ImageSize N  
'LightS' LightS N  
'Macro' Macro N 0 = Off
1 = On
'Protect' Protect N  
'Quality' Quality N  
'Resolution' Resolution N  
'Serial#' SerialNumber N  
'Shutter' ExposureTime N  
'StrobeTime' StrobeTime N  
'TimeDate' DateTimeOriginal N  
'Type' CameraType N  
'Version' Version N  
'Ytarget' YTarget N  
'Zoom' Zoom N  
'ZoomPos' ZoomPos N  
'shtr' ExposureTime N  
'ylevel' YLevel N  

APP12 Ducky Tags

Photoshop uses the JPEG APP12 "Ducky" segment to store some information in "Save for Web" images.

Tag IDTag Name WritableValues / Notes
0x0001 Quality int32u/  
0x0002 Comment string/  
0x0003 Copyright string/  

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