Fertile Ground



"The Light", James Collins
The Light
Navasha Daya
"The Spirit", Navasha Boxley
"The Roots", Marcus Asante
Marcus Asante
Ekendra Das
"The Pulse", Ekendra Das

Fertile Ground is one of the hottest bands on the scene.  They classify their music as Urban World Jazz, a blend of jazz, reggae, soul, hip hop, latin, and other world rhythms.  They have traveled the East Coast and have performed with such artists such as R&B legend Regina Belle and hip hop's Black Eyed Peas.  Each of their songs paint a vivid picture and send a message that all listeners can relate to.  The group released one CD (Field Songs) in 1998 and has recently released another one in 1999 (Spiritual War).  With their new album they continue to mesmorize their audiences by providing refreshing and soulful lyrics and music.  You must see this live!  It is an experience you cannot afford to miss.  Feel free to sample some of their songs from both of their albums.  You must have an MP3 player to be able to listen.

Sweet Melodies
Ghetto Butterflies
Sentimental Groove


feel free to contact the group at:
BlackOut Studios
6023 Greenspring Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21209

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