GSC Representatives

What Do Representatives Do?

All representatives are voting members of the GSC General Council while bridging the communication between the GSC and the representative's constituency. Representatives are required to attend the GSC General Council Meeting, held on the first Wednesday of each month.

To Become a Representative

If there is an open position you would like to apply for, you will also need to fill out an Application for Representative Nomination. This will require you to collect the signatures of 20% or 20 members (whichever is less) of your constituency. The completed form should be brought to the GSC Office (50-220). Please contact the GSC Vice President () with any questions.


The GSC provides funding to each of its representatives to plan events for their constituency. Find out more about financial resources available for reps.

Current List of GSC Representatives

Reps for Academic Departments
Aeronautics and Astronautics Travis Wolf
Roedolph Opperman
Caley Burke
Architecture 3 positions available
Biological Engineering Division Alice Lo
Shan Wu
Biology Lynne Waldman
2 positions available
Brain and Cognitive Science 1 position available
Chemical Engineering Tanguy Chau
Abhinav Akhoury
1 position available
Chemistry Mark Chen
2 positions available
Civil & Environmental Engineering Nick Kontopoulos
Alberto Ortega
Kevin Zhang
CDO Zhai Ning
Comparative Media Studies 1 position available
Computational and Systems Biology 1 position available
Earth, Atmosphere, and Planetary Science Lindsay Hays
Fuxian Song
Economics Tatyana Deryugina
Horatio Larreguy
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Taeg Sang Cho
Jack Chu
Daniel Lashkari
Osama Nayfeh
Robert Wang
Engineering Systems Division Jacky Chen
Jeff Shi
1 position available
Health Sciences and Technology Todd Harris
Yibo Ling
Xiao-Ping Liu
1 position available
Linguistics and Philosophy Susanna Rinard
Management Kevin Knight
Burt LaFountain
Akshay Bhargava
2 positions available
Materials Science and Engineering Nathan Lovell
2 positions available
Mathematics 2 positions available
Mechanical Engineering
(including Ocean Engineering)
Tania Ullah
Ioannis Zervantonakis
Sumeet Kumar
James Hong
Nadia Cheng
Media Arts and Sciences 2 positions available
Nuclear Engineering Paul Kollath-Romano
Tom Conboy
Physics David Guarrera
Matthew Walker
William Leight
Political Science Josef Kannegaard
Science, Technology, and Society Rebecca Perry
Urban Studies and Planning Eric Gonzalez
Seth Knudsen
Astrid Wood
MIT/WHOI Fern Gibbons
Reps for On-campus Residences and Off-Campus
Ashdown House (On-campus Residence) 1 position available
Eastgate (On-campus Residence) Scott Valastyan
Edgerton (On-campus Residence) 1 position available
Sidney-Pacific (On-campus Residence) Lauren Culver
Tang Hall (On-campus Residence) Gaurav Kwelani
Warehouse (On-campus Residence) Brendan Rudolph
Westgate (On-campus Residence) Roberto Perez-Franco
Off-campus Housing Ming Tang
1 position available
Other At-large Reps
Minorities 1 position available
Graduate Women 1 position available
Graduate Families and Parents Jason Cohen
At-large Eric Weese
At-large Zhao Chen