Institute-level Committee Representatives

Why Become a Representative?

Serving on an Institute or Faculty Committee as a graduate student enables you to significantly impact important decisions made by the Institute. You will serve as a voting member of a committee which advises faculty and administration, and ultimately reports to President Susan Hockfield. During the Spring/Summer, these positions are relatively open, which makes this the best time to apply for the committee of your choice.

Lists and condensed descriptions of Institute Committees, Faculty Committees, and Other GSC Representative Committees are available. More information about these committees can be found on the Institute Committees webpage and MIT Faculty Committee webpage.

To Become a Representative

Nominations usually open at the end of the Spring term, but are accepted for open positions year-round. The general procedure involves:

Representative Responsibilities

Institute/Faculty Committee Representatives are not voting members of the Graduate Student Council (unless they currently serve as members of GSC Excomm or GSC Representatives), but they should attend the General Council Meetings (first wednesday of every month, 5:30pm, GSC Office) both to learn about issues the graduate student body faces and to disseminate information. More formal reporting should be done to the GSC Standing Committee to which the Institute Committee pertains - this reporting information is available on the Nominations Committee page. Lastly, all Institute Committee Representatives will be expected to submit an end-of-year report summarizing the actions and issues of their committee during their tenure.

2008-2009 Representatives

Presidential (Institute) Committees
Assessment of Biohazards, Committee on 1 position available
Corporation Joint Advisory Committee Oaz Nir (ex-officio)
2 positions available
Commencement Committee Oaz Nir (ex-officio)
Nan Gu (ex-officio)
Community Service Fund Board 2 positions available
DAPER Advisory Board 2 positions available
Family and Work, Council on 1 position available
Foreign Scholarships, Committee on TBD by Committee
(We can pass your information along.)
Hobby Shop, Committee on the TBD by Committee
(We can pass your information along.)
Intellectual Property, Committee on Stephen Hou
1 position available
Medical Consumers Advisory Committee 2 positions available
Medical Management Board 1 position available
Race and Diversity, Committee on 2 positions available
Radiation Protection, Committee on 1 position available
ROTC Oversight Committee Geoffrey Carrigan
Student Information Policy, Committee on 1 position available
Toxic Chemicals, Committee on 1 position available
Transportation and Parking, Committee on 1 position available
Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects, Committee on the 1 position available
Womens Advisory Board 2 positions available
Faculty Committees
Committee on Discipline 2 positions available
Faculty Policy Committee Shan Wu
Committee on Graduate Programs Rosaria Chiang
1 position available
Committee on the Library System JunJay Tan
1 position available
Committee on Student Life 1 position available
Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid 1 position available
Other Standing Committees
Council on Educational Technology Rumi Chunara
Campus Dining Advisory Board 1 position available
Campus Activities Complex Advisory Board TBD
Creative Arts Council TBD
Card Council TBD
Recreational Advisory Committee Roedolph Opperman
Student Health Advisory Council TBD
IST Advisory Board TBD
MIT Federal Credit Union Advisory Board TBD
TA Enhancement Committee Rebecca Perry