Activities Committee

Photo:Matthew Eddy Photo:Kevin McComber

Matthew Eddy (left) and Kevin McComber (right)
Activities Committee Chairs, 2007-2008

The main goal of the activities committee is to bring people together and create fun events. A guiding principle of this committee is to make all graduate students feel welcome at these events and organize events that appeal to the diverse MIT population. Since one person's definition of fun may vary greatly from another's, the activities committee strongly encourages people to get involved and pursue their own ideas, making their own events happen.

The committee is organized based on the events that are put together over the course of the year. There is plenty of room for innovation within this structure and there are also funds designated for completely new initiatives. To find out more, please feel free to contact the Activities Committee chairs at or attend the next committee meeting. You can also consult the minutes to see what was discussed at past meetings.

Major Projects


Sample Events