Academic, Research and Careers (ARC) Committee

Photo:Paul Monasterio Photo:Yinchun Wang

Paul Monasterio (left) and Yinchun Wang (right)
ARC Committee Chairs, 2008-2009

The ARC committee spearheads a number of initiatives and events aimed at improving academic life at MIT. The committee includes a number of project chairs, each of whom work with the committee chairs to organize a particular event or initiative, as well as a large number of volunteers. In addition to carrying out these projects, ARC is also responsible for pursuing academic and career-related advocacy issues for the GSC. In 2005, ARC was awarded the William L. Stewart Jr. Award for contributions to extracurricular activities and events during the preceding year.

A listing of ARC's current projects and advocacy items are listed below. If you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact the ARC committee chairs at or attend the next committee meeting. Meeting minutes are archived on the GSC website.

Project Chairs & Volunteers needed:


Past Projects