Funding Board

Photo:Mireille Akilian

Mireille Akilian
Funding Board Chair /
GSC Treasurer

The GSC Funding Board is charged with the responsibility of deciding how to allocate the $100,000 given annually to the GSC to fund events, capital expenses, and competitive expenses requested by ASA-recognized graduate student groups. In addition to the GSC Treasurer who is the chair of the Funding Board, the Board consists of the GSC President, a representative from the GSC Activities Committee, the ASA Treasurer, an ASA Graduate Student Member-at-Large, and a GSC Council Member. The Appeals Board consists of the GSC Treasurer, the GSC Vice-President, and an ASA Graduate Student Member-at-Large.

While Funding Board meetings are sometimes long, they allow the members to learn about the many graduate student groups and what they do. To find out more about how you can get involved on the Funding Board, contact .

The Funding Board meets four times each year for regular allocations meetings and up to four additional times for appeals meetings. Important dates will be posted on the student group funding webpage and the GSC Treasurer will send them over the Funding Board e-mail list. Contact to be added to this list or for answers to general Funding Board questions.

Current Funding Periods
Period Dates Allocation Round 1
Round 2
Summer/Fall July - December ~ 50K June September
IAP / Spring January - June ~ 50K December February