Publications and Publicity (P&P) Board

Photo: Obrad Scepanovic

Oaz Nir
P&P Board Chair /
GSC Secretary

The primary purpose of the Publicity & Publications Board is to keep the graduate student body informed about all issues related to graduate student life. These issues range anywhere from events to GSC programs to MIT administrator policies. The committee has several modes of dispersing information, including the Graduate Student News, the GSC website, posters, slides, brochures, and videos.

To find out more or to get involved in the P&P Committee, or for more information, please email the GSC Secretary at .

Any student is welcome and encouraged to participate in the P&P Board. However, the Board consists of seven official members as outlined by the Constitution, including the GSC Secretary, who acts as committee chair. The Editor and Managing Editor of the Graduate Student News and the GSC Webmaster are also members. The remaining three members are appointed, two by the board and the third by the GSC President with consent of the General Council.

Graduate Student News (GSN)

Photo: Pamela Basto Photo: Yoda Patta

Pamela Basto and Yoda Patta
GSN Editors, 2008-2009

The GSN is the monthly newsletter dedicated to publishing news, opinions, and advocacy information related to graduate students at MIT. The Graduate Student News is the only MIT publication which is published by MIT graduate students for MIT graduate students. It is one of many avenues which connect the graduate student body and the Graduate Student Council. The GSN also includes sections on GSC events, GSC programs, departmental news, and how to best make use of the Institute's resources.

As of 2003-2004, the GSN has been mailed, every six weeks, to some 6,000 graduate students across campus. In addition to the published edition, the magazine is also published online. The Graduate Student News Online contains archives of past articles and issues, as well as many photographs that are not in the print issue.

We encourage you to write for the GSN and joing the staff! It provides an excellent opportunity to get involved in important issues and share your thoughts and concerns. If you are interested, please email

GSC Website

Photo: Nici Ames

Nicoli "Nici" Ames
GSC Webmaster

The Graduate Student Council website is one of GSC's primary modes of disseminating information to graduate students. It is designed to be the primary online resource for graduate students across the Institute.

We encourage you to find out more about the website by navigating across it. If you have any comments or concerns, please email the webmaster at .