Funding for GSC Representatives

The GSC budgets funding for the use of the GSC Representatives, and currently up to $250 per eligible representative per period is available for allocation towards events targeted towards the Representatives' constituencies (department, dormitory, or otherwise). The Fall period covers October 16 to February 15, and the Spring period covers February 16 to October 15.

In order to use this funding, the Representative must be in good standing in regards to attendance at General Council Meetings (no more than one unexcused absence during the funding period), and have attended at least one Committee meeting during the period in which funding is requested. Contact the GSC Vice President () before you hold the event for which you plan to use the GSC Representative funding to make sure that it is eligible. Reimbursements must be submitted using the GSC Representative Reimbursement Form.

Representative funding may be used for, but is not limited to:

Requirements for Use of GSC Representative Funding