GSC Travel Fund Grant Program

The Travel Fund Grant was reactivated in 2006. It is designed to support the conference-related travel expenses of MIT graduate students in all Schools throughout the Institute. Specifically, this fund is allocated to conference travel expenses that are not currently funded by the student's advisor or other MIT-related funding. The fund provides grant money for most conference-related expenses including lodging.

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GSC Travel Grant Criteria

The Travel Grant is provided for domestic or international travel for the following purposes:

One grant will be awarded per graduate student, per School, per term (Fall, Spring, Summer) with a ceiling of $1000.

Grant applications must be received at least two weeks before the student attends the conference.

Three sets of the application and supporting materials (original and two copies) are to be submitted to the GSC Administrator, Office of the Graduate Student Council, Room 50-220.

If you are a recipient of a Travel Grant, you will be directed to contact the GSC Financial Administrator for reimbursement for your expenses. All expenses are reimbursable, and travel advances will not be granted.  Food expenses during the conference period are reimbursable up to $30 per day if meals are not included as part of the conference package. Original receipts and a copy of the conference proceeding must be submitted.

Proposals are reviewed on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. the extent to which the research or conference travel is currently unfunded or unsupported by the applicant’s advisor, department, or the larger Institute;
  2. the degree to which the activity will enhance the academic experience of the MIT graduate student and/or expand his/her networks of linkages with other leading scholars or institutions.


Application Procedures

Download the official GSC Travel Fund Grant Application and return three sets of the application package (original and two copies) to room 50-220. All applications must be hand delivered. Applications are not accepted by e-mail at this time.


GSC Travel Fund Grant Timeline

The GSC Travel Grant Applications are invited thrice a year: Fall,  Spring
and Summer.

Date of
Period Covered
Fall 2007 October 01, 2007 October 14, 2007 October 1, 2007 -
February 28, 2008
Spring 2008 February 15, 2008 February 28, 2008 March 1, 2008 -
June 15, 2008
Summer 2008 June 1, 2008 June 15, 2008 June 16, 2008 -
September 30, 2008