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Utopia, Ltd.

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Utopia, Limited

Spring 1996

Produced by Ruth Jedlinsky
Stage Directed by Joe Sweeney
Music Directed by Jay Lane

Performed in La Sala de Puerto Rico in the MIT Student Center April 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, and 20, 1996 at 8pm, and April 14, 1996 at 2pm

General Information

MITG&SP performed Utopia, Ltd. in the Spring of 1996. The show was first produced in 1893 and was the largest and most lavishly produced of the Savoy operas. The story is concerned with the adventures of the natives of a South Sea kingdom as they install British institutions on their island, and contains the usual Gilbertian elements of satire (here, directed primarily at the easy -- and often ridiculous -- assumptions of superiority that lay behind British colonialism), wit, and romance.

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MITG&SP Information

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Cast List

King ParamountSheldon Brown
ScaphioDan Kamalic
PhantisRobert Morrison
TararaMike Bromberg
CalynxJoseph Kaye
Lord DramaleighKevin Mitchell
Capt. FitzbattleaxeMario Singco
Capt. CorcoranLeslie Corn
Mr. GoldburyDavid Jedlinsky
Sir Bailey BarreJeff Bigler
Miss BlushingtonIlena Wadler
Princess ZaraHolly Teichholtz
NekayaAndrea Humez
KalybaLya Ana Batlle
Lady SophyAnita Constanzo
SalataLucy Lim
MeleneTova Brown
PhyllaRebecca Consentino
First Life GuardsAmy Hasbrouck
Thomas Kettler
Yanko Sheiritov
Understudy for Miss BlushingtonLeslie Maglitta
ChorusKate Cunningham
Randi Kestin
Linda Kiley
Alyssa Rosenn
Carolyn Jean Smith
Jenna Wilkinson
Ann Wehman
John Morrison
Arthur Dunlap
Stephen Adams

Orchestra List

ViolinsJohanna Bobrow '99
Ananya Guha '99
Janet Ryan
Mark Huang
ViolaRebecca bernstein
Leo Mayer
CelloClemens Bergwitz
BassPaul Chai '99
OboeKate Thornton (W '99)
Candice McElroy
ClarinetAndrew Begel '96
Eric Mumpower '96
Katie Skattum
Flute & PiccoloNaomi Mirsky
Connie Chang
TromboneRoy Emanuel II '99
Bill Sommerfeld '88
Daniel Peisach '90
BassoonGeorge Greco
TrumpetJoy Nicholson '98

Production Staff

ProducerRuth Jedlinsky
Music DirectorJay Lane
Stage DirectorJoe Sweeney
Stage ManagersMarisa Kirschbaum
Jason Goodman
ChoreographerBrenda Winston
Technical DirectorEzra Peisach
Master CarpenterGene Clegg
Set DesignerDavid Jedlinsky
House ManagerKen Raeburn
Orchestra ManagersDan Peisach
Johanna Bobrow
Show PublicityDan Kamalic
ProgrammeAndrew Greene
Lighting DesignerMike Bromberg
Asst. Lighting DesignerTom Yu
Master ElectricianJames Kirtley
Vocal CoachMartha Sullivan
CostumesDena Cohen
Jenna Wilkinson
Carolyn Jean Smith

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