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The Mikado

Fall 1998

Produced by Ashwini G. Deshpande
Stage Directed by Andrew Sweet
Music Directed by John McKay
Conducted by Alan Yost

Performed in La Sala De Puerto Rico Novermber 5, 6, and 7, 1998 at 8PM and November 7 and 8, 1998 at 2PM.

About The Mikado

The Mikado is one of Gilbert and Sullivan's most famous works, written during the Victorian British mania for all things Japanese. The story uses the Japanese setting to ridicule English society, nobility, and morals, while developing a comic plot whose craziness has no equal. Sullivan's music in The Mikado is some of the best in the G&S canon.

The plot hinges around Ko-Ko, a tailor condemned to death for flirting, who's been made head executioner on the theory that this will confound the Mikado's harsh law: Ko-Ko can't execute anyone else until he's cut off his own head. Enter into this uneasy truce Nanki-Poo, a wandering minstrel (and disguised prince), in love with Ko-Ko's ward Yum-Yum; Katisha, a bloodthirsty elderly lady chasing after Nanki-Poo; and (eventually) The Mikado himself, whose fearsomeness is exceeded only by his twisted sense of humor.

The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive has more information on the Mikado, including a plot summary and the full libretto.

Pictures from Dress Rehearsal

Here are a few shots of the show: click on each to see a larger version.

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Cast List

The Mikado of JapanDavid Daly
Nanki-PooJohnny Lee '00
Ko-KoAnand Sarwate '01
Pooh-BahMichael Spitznagel '99
Nathan Handspicker (Nov 7 2PM)
Pish-TushFrederick Choi '02
Yum-YumMary Tsien '01
Pitti-SingKate Thornton W
Peep-BoAnna Leos-Urbel
KatishaMing-Wei Lim G
ChorusMarion Leeds Carroll C
Ryan Caveney '96
Kate Cunningham W
David Euresti '01
Amy Flanagan C
Nathan Handspicker
Erika Little W
Daniel Lowrey '02
Natasha Neogi G
Felix Rivera '02
Ariel Segall '02

Orchestra List

ConductorAlan Yost
ViolinsJohanna Bobrow '99
Amittai Axelrod '01
Jennifer Clay '02
Remi Fujii '02
Anne Gaumond '02
Yee Lam '01
Hua-yin Yu '00
ViolasJeff Bigler '87
Dan Cho '02
Caprice Gray '00
CellosDeanna Chou '01
Jenny Meanwell '01
Grace Nam '01
BassesEmily Hanna '00
Robert Morrison '96
Adam Silverman '01
FlutesGabrielle Cayton '02
Jeanette Chan '02
Jennie Hango '98
Nina Pocek '02
Ann Tay '01
ClarinetsHal Abelson F
Benjamin Ho '99
Stephen Malionek
Eric Mumpower '96
OboesKate Clancy '01
Stephanie Thomas
BassoonTroy Hudson '00
HornsGrace Ng '02
Chris Stratton '97
Kathryn Troup
TrombonesBill Sommerfeld '88
Avril Waye
TrumpetsJoung-Mo Kang '00
Brian Ginsberg '02
Paul Rousseau
PercussionCarolyn Jean Smith '87

Production Staff

ProducerAshwini G. Deshpande '99
Stage DirectorAndrew Bobson Sweet C
Music DirectorJohn McKay '00
Assistant ProducerJanaki Wickrema '02
Assistant Stage DirectorAnne LaVin C
Technical DirectorJason Goodman G
Stage ManagersTeresa Hernandez '01
Tanis O'Connor '01
Set DesignerAra Knaian '99
Lighting DesignerKevin Mitchell C
Costume DesignerTeresa Hernandez '01
Master CarpenterTeresa Tutt G
Properties ManagerDavid Euresti '01
Makeup DesignerErik Lars Myers
Master ElectricianAlex Fitzsimmons C
Orchestra ManagerDeanna Chou
Cast ManagersJessica Raine
Emily Reinke '99
Publicity ManagerPei-Hsin Lin '02
Lighting OperatorBette Weinberg '02
Graphic ArtistJulie Kaufman '02
Rehearsal PianistsMatt Hanna
Mike Bromberg '70
Jeanette Chan '02
Set CrewAshwini G. Deshpande '99
Alex Fitzsimmons C
Erica Little W
Dan Lowrey '02
Matt Morse
Ariel Segall '02
Paul Gabriel Wiener '01
CostumersMatt Deeds '00
Ashwini G. Deshpande '99
Jason Goodman G
Anna Herbert C
Teresa Hernandez '01
Julie H. Kaufman '02
Emily Reinke '99
Mary Sims '01
MakeupMichiko Kita
Erik Lars Myers
Ticket ManagerPei-Hsin Lin '02
House ManagerKen Raeburn '89
Program DesignerJulie H. Kaufman '02

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