The Trumpet Bray

Vol. XXIII No. 4
Winter after all is best -
Sunday, December 13, 1998

YOUTHFUL MITG&SP MIKADO: We have no right to review this show Ourself - having been in the chorus, which means that We didn't see much of it! And besides, We make it a policy not to write reviews Ourself for this rag. But after the latest of Don Smith's repeated expressions of concern about the graying of the G&S audience and performance pool - well - We can't let that pass! The enthusiastic MIT students who played all but one of the major roles - to name but a few, the sweet-voiced Mary Tsien and Johnny Lee as Yum-Yum and Nanki-Poo and the very talented young comic actor and singer Anand Sarwate as Ko-Ko - showed a vocal poise and polish We've missed in past years in college-age singers, suggesting that classical vocal technique is coming back into style among the young. And they eagerly soaked up G&S style points from their more experienced director, Andrew Sweet. Moreover, from Our vantage point (mostly far down-stage right facing the usually sold-out audience), We were able to see a lot of very happy faces and hear a lot of laughter and applause from audience members of all ages, from pre-school to the gray-haired set. We have nothing to say about Harvard G&S, the other active college-age performing group, not having been involved with them -- but doesn't that teen-aged group usually hold a children's matinee, specifically seeking to draw in an even younger generation? Do not fear, Don! - G&S is alive and well, and is still loved by the young as well as the graying! -- mlc