The Constitution of
The MIT Gilbert & Sullivan Players

Last updated 10 July 2001

Article I. Name and Purpose.

1.1 This group shall be called the MIT Gilbert and Sullivan Players. The purpose of the group shall be to perform the works of Sir William S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur S. Sullivan for the MIT community, to keep members up-to-date on Gilbert and Sullivan events in the area, and to do other Gilbert-and-Sullivan--related activites.

1.2 Statement of Beliefs: This organization is an amateur student organzation that exists for the benefit and enjoyment of every individual in the group, including the production staff, the orchestra, and the cast. Each participant is expected to work to create a fulfilling and supportive environment that allows each individual to express his or her artistic talents.

Article II. Membership.

2.1 Any person involved in the production of a show by this organization shall be considered for membership. MIT/Wellesley undergraduates become members immediately. Any other person becomes a member only if the resulting proportions of MIT/Wellesley students to non-students meet current MIT guidelines for student group status. Membership shall continue until one year after the last show in which the member has participated.

Members of the General Comittee shall be able to vote at General Committee meetings and are eligible to hold office in MITG&SP. Membership in the General Committee shall be open to any person involved in the production of a show by this organization, who attends the first General Committee meeting following the close of that production. The Executive Committee may waive requirement of attendance at the General Committee meeting on a case-by-case basis, if more than one-half of the Executive Committee votes in favor of it. Membership in the General Comittee shall continue until one year has elapsed after the last General Committee meeting attended by that person. Members of the General Committee may waive their membership in the General Committee by contacting the Executive Committee.

Article III. Officers and Elections.

3.1 There shall be five elected officers: the President, the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Publicity Officer, and a Member-at-Large. All members of the General Committee shall be elegible for election to these offices. Only those members of the General Committee who are currently registered students of MIT may hold the office of President or Treasurer.

3.2 Three officers shall be elected at a meeting following the spring production, or the end of April, whichever comes first. These officers shall be elected in the following order: President, Treasurer, and Publicity Officer. The two remaining officers, Secretary and Member-at-Large, shall be elected at the Fall Semester General Committee meeting, which will occur during MIT's fall semester and before November thirtieth. Elections shall be announced at least four weeks in advance. Nominations for each office shall close immediately before the elections for that office. Balloting shall be secret and a simple majority shall constitute election. The term of office for each board member shall be for one year. For the 2000-2001 school year, the Secretary and the Member-at-Large will be elected at the Spring Semester General Committee meeting for a six-month term to end in October, 2000. At the October 2000 General Committee meeting, a Secretary and Member-at-Large shall be elected to office for a full year. Offices commence at the end of the elections meeting.

3.3 In the event of a vacancy in any office, elections shall be called to fill that office within two months, according to the procedure outlined above. The winner of the election shall fill the post immediately, and shall hold the office for the remaining duration of that office.

3.4 The President shall schedule and preside over General Committee and Executive Committee meetings. The President shall receive all petitions, except for a petition to unseat the President, which shall go to the highest-ranking member not named in the petition.

3.5 The Secretary shall keep a record of General Committee and Executive Committee meetings, and shall undertake all official correspondence for the organization. The Secretary shall also be responsible for notifying members of the times and locations of all meetings at least one week in advance.

3.6 The Treasurer shall be responsible for all financial matters of the organization. The Treasurer shall furthermore collect dues, reimburse expenses, and submit a report to every General Committee meeting.

3.7 The Publicity Officer shall coordinate all advertising for the organization.

3.8 In the event of a vacancy, the Member-at-Large shall assume the duties of that office until the vacancy is filled. In addition, the Member-at-Large shall communicate any concerns on behalf of the membership to the Executive Committee.

3.9 The Executive Committee shall consist of the current President, Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity Officer, and Member-at-Large. No person shall have more than one vote on the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall make decisions pertaining to the use of organization funds, as well as any other duties that they deem necessary to insure the success of the organization. By a four-fifths vote of the Executive Committee, any General Committee decision may be deferred to the next General Committee meeting.

3.10 Any officer or member of the Executive Committee may be removed from his or her post by a petition signed by at least two-thirds of the members of the Executive Committee or by at least three-quarters of the General Committee members.

Article IV. Resolutions.

4.1 A moved and seconded resolution is approved if more than one-half of the General Committee members present vote in favor of it. Resolutions may dictate the policy of the organization; they may order expenditure of funds; they may approve actions of the Executive Committee; and they may appoint a Producer for a fixed term.

4.2 A resolution disapproving (and revoking, if possible) an action of the Executive Committee requires at least two-thirds of the General Committee members present, or greater than one--half of the total General Committee membership, whichever is greater, to pass.

Article V. Meetings and Quora.

5.1 Meetings shall be held at least once each academic term. One of these meetings shall be held following the spring production, or the end of April, whichever comes first (see Officers and Elections, above). A meeting may be called by a majority of the Executive Committee, by the President, or by one-third of the General Committee membership. At these meetings, upcoming events and productions and the financial status of the organization shall be discussed, as well as any other matters that members may wish to bring up. A rehearsal does not count as a meeting, although meetings may be held prior to or following a rehearsal.

5.2 Quorum for a meeting shall be fifty percent of the General Committee members or 20 people, whichever is less. At least one officer and three non-officers must be present. Quorum for a vote upon an amendment to this constitution shall be two-thirds of the General Committee membership.

5.3 The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a month from September through May. These meetings shall be called by the President, or by one-half of the committee. Quorum for an Executive Committee meeting is one-half the committee.

5.4 Procedural questions shall be resolved according to Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

Article VI. Amendments.

6.1 This constitution may be amended as follows: A proposed amendment must be signed by at least two members. It is then scheduled for a vote; this vote must be announced at least four weeks in advance. The amendment passes if at least two-thirds of the General Committee members present vote in favor of the amendment. Quorum for a vote on an amendment is two-thirds of the General Committee membership.

6.2 An amendment becomes effective upon approval by the Association of Student Activities (see below).

Article VII. Affiliation with the
Association of Student Activities.

7.1 The MIT Gilbert and Sullivan Players agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the Association of Student Activities, its Executive Committee, and the Finance Board. This constitution, amendments to it, and the by-laws of this organization shall be subject to review by the ASA Executive Committee to insure that they are in accordance with the aforementioned rules and regulations.