Parking for MITG&SP shows

Parking around MIT can be tricky, but it's easier if you know where to look. The best places to park near the MIT Student Center for rehearsals and performances are generally as follows:

  1. Along Mass Ave and Vassar Street, there's a bit of on-street parking, some of it metered until 6pm.
  2. On Vassar Street west of Mass Ave (turn left if coming from across the river and Boston; right if coming from Central Square and Harvard), on the right, the West Garage is sometimes (not often) open to the public, especially if there's a major event on campus. (Alas, our performances don't seem to qualify as major events to the powers that be.)
  3. Beyond the West Garage, also on the right, is a parking lot that is open to the public after hours.
  4. There is also a small lot with a Bank of America ATM in it on the northeast corner of the intersection of Mass Ave and Vassar Street - it looks like (and is) a private lot, but it's open to the public after 3pm or so and on weekends. It's usually full at performance times, since it is small, but is good for weeknight rehearsals.

Note that the Kresge lot is now restricted to MIT permits almost all the time, and parking on Amherst (the street leading to Kresge lot) will probably get you ticketed and towed.

MIT has also provided directions and parking info as well as a list of nearby pay lots.

Special needs

Our regular shows are generally in La Sala de Puerto Rico in the Student Center. If you are driving someone who has difficulty walking, there is a small driveway in between the DuPont Athletic Gymnasium building and the Student Center. This is the closest place to drop someone off to get to the Student Center, and there's a narrow ramp right next to it. You can stop there for a few minutes to drop someone off, but don't try to park there. After going up the ramp, there in an unmarked double door that leads to a ramp inside the building which will get you to the first floor lobby. You can take an elevator from there to the second floor.