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National Braille Press (Saturday, July 17th)

On Saturday, July 17th we will be heading back to National Braille Press, one of our most popular events. We will be putting together another round of "Mr. Brown can moo... can you?" (a Dr. Seuss classic). Please plan on joining us! We will volunteer from 10am-3pm. Let me know if you'd like to participate!

DATE: Saturday, July 17th
TIME: 10am-3pm
PLACE: National Braille Press, 88 St. Stephen Place in Boston (easily
accessible by public transportation)
WHAT: assembling books for braille children
CONTACT: juliewa@mit.edu


We are currently recruiting volunteers to help organize this year's Graduate Student Volunteer Day. GSVD is a one-day event during which over 100 MIT graduate students volunteer at various volunteer sites in the local area. The event is part of the orientation for new graduate students in September, introducing them to the graduate community and the community outside of MIT. Plus, GSVD is just a lot of fun!

We want to make this year's GSVD the best ever and your help is needed! If you are interested, please contact Julie Wallace (juliewa@mit.edu) or Jodie Lutkenhaus (jodie_l@mit.edu). Thanks!


  • To sign up for an event, please email gsvc_off@mit.edu or those indicated above.
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Why should you volunteer?

To make the world a better place.

Learn about the communities surrounding MIT.

Meet other graduate students.

It's fun!

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