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Spohr's Corps The Graduate Student Volunteer Corps (GSVC) is essentially an attempt to expand volunteer activities to the broader graduate student community. Upon arriving at MIT, I wished to continue various volunteer activities I'd done in the past, and found that a few of my friends were interested. Our informal outings for City Year Serve-a-thons, Habitat for Humanity, etc. began to be called "Spohr's Corps" events, and transportation & food expenses for some of these were funded through Ashdown House as Athletics Committee-sponsored activities (as a member of this committee, I remain grateful to the AHEC house government who shared my view that pounding nails is inherently more athletic than watching boxing on pay-per-view). Roughly 2 years ago, my request for recognition and budgeting of a distinct Volunteer Committee was accepted by AHEC, and this Committee has continued to make strides in encouraging community service (primarily but not solely for Ashdown residents) as leadership has passed from myself and Sham Sokka, on to Qi Dong, Jenny Farver, and others. The GSVC is an attempt to broaden or augment these continuing efforts, i.e. to make "the few, the humble... " of Spohr's Corps a little less "few", though just as "humble". We continue to look forward to working with the Ashdown Volunteer Committee (P.S. self-plug: non-Ashdown residents are always welcome on Spohr's Corps or other Volunteer Committee events, as long as residents remain a majority of participants, so join the list to keep posted on these). Finally, our current theme is "Heart, Mind, and Muscle", as we believe that all 3 are integral to volunteer efforts. Specific GSVC projects (i.e. soup kitchen work, tutoring/mentoring, and Habitat for Humanity work-days respectively) may each seem to focus on one of these, but really involve all these aspects. We thank you for your efforts in helping push forward the first graduate student-centered volunteer service group within the MIT community.

- Chris A. Spohr

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