Haihao (Sean) Lu

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About Me

Currently, I am a visiting researcher at Google Research NYC. I will join The University of Chicago Booth School of Business as an assistant professor of Operations Management in 2020. I obtained my Ph.D degree dual in Operations Research and Applied Mathematics at MIT in 2019, working with Robert M. Freund. Prior to MIT, I obtained my B.S. in Mathematics at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2014. My undergraduate advisor was David Cai from Courant Institute of Mathematical Science.

I am interested in extending the computational and mathematical boundaries of methods for solving the optimization problems that arise in data science, machine learning, and operations research. More specifically, I have been working on (1) extending the scope and improving the complexity of first-order methods; (2) developing optimization perspectives to understand gradient boosting machines which lead to further algorithmic and theoretical improvement; and (3) designing and implementing new first-order approaches for solving huge-scale Linear Programming problems in the distributed setting (with applications at Google).

During my time at MIT, I spent two summers interning at Google, and one summer interning at IBM Watson Research Center. At Google I worked on projects with Vahab Mirrokni, Miles Lubin, David Applegate, and at IBM I worked with Andrew Conn. These projects are described briefly here.

See my publication page for a list of publications.


Email: haihao (dot) lu (at) chicagobooth (dot) edu