Nanolayer Assemblies for Biomaterials and Delivery

Materials Development for Transdermal Vaccination
Peter DeMuth

Engineering a layer-by-layer (LbL) film for the extended release of antibiotics
Joshua Moskowitz

Non-viral Gene Delivery from Layer-by-Layer Thin Films
Raymond Samuel

Electroactive Layer-by-Layer Films for Controlled Release and Mechanomutability
Daniel Schmidt

Controlled Release Films and Functional Surfaces Targeting Infection, Inflammation, and Bleeding
Anita Shukla

Virucidal Coatings Using Layer-by-Layer Film Technology
Sze Yinn (Jessie) Wong

Developing Polyelectrolyte Multilayer films for releasing multiple therapeutic agents
Nisarg Shah

Engineering a Layer-by-Layer (LbL) Film for The Extended Release of Antibiotics and Modeling Drug Release Behavior
Jouha Min

Designing Engineered Materials for a Right Timing of Delivery from Layer-by-Layer Assembly
Younjin Min

Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Drug Delivery: Wound Healing Applications
Steven Castleberry

Controlled Release of Therapeutics from LbL-Films in Wound Healing Applications
Bryan Hsu

Bioplatforms For Cell Engineering
Jinkee Hong