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We just acquired our bells!

Who are we?

We are the newest MIT Musical Group. We play handbells, which involves each member of the group playing 2 or 3 bells and ringing them at the appropriate time in the music. In this way the entire group becomes the instrument, in much the same way as a group of singers becomes a chorus. It is the perfect activity for anyone who loves music, anyone who has always wanted to be in a choir but doesn't think their voice is good enough, anyone who is worried they don't have enough time for music at MIT, anyone who just wants to have fun making music, anyone at all!

Absolutely no prior experience is required. It is easy to learn enough to get started in a few hours, but there is plently of more advanced techniques available to keep it interesting for a lifetime! There are groups with members who are each responsible for as many as 20 or 30 bells at once, but don't worry about that now!

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Last modified: 3 May 1999