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Computational Geometry

Related Links

  • Computational geometry pages
  • Discrete and compuational geometry
  • Geometry in action
  • Computational geometry resources
  • Computational Geometry theory and applications
  • International journal of computational geometry and applications
  • Computational geometry algorithms library
  • Directory of computational geometry software
  • Geometry center in UMN
  • Computational geometry on MathTools
  • CMU CG resources
  • 3D Convex Hull in Java
  • Libarary of parallel algorithms
  • Geometric algera
  • Computational geometry on MathWorld
  • A handbook at UIUC
  • Thanks to my labmate Hongye Liu...

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    Related Journals and Conferences

  • Computer Aided Design
  • Computer Aided Geometric Design
  • The Visual Computer
  • IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
  • ACM Transactions on Graphics
  • Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing
  • Graphical Models and Image Processing
  • Computer Graphics Forum
  • International Journal of Computational
  • Geometry and Applications
  • Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications
  • Journal of Mechanical Design (ASME Transactions)
  • Computers and Graphics
  • Engineering with Computers
  • Advances in Engineering Software and Workstations
  • Research in Engineering Design
  • The Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation
  • Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH Proceedings)
  • CG International Proceedings
  • IEEE Visualization Conference
  • Eurographics Proceedings
  • ACM Computational Geometry Conference Proceedings
  • ACM Solid Modeling Conference Proceedings
  • Graphics Interface Conference Proceedings
  • IFIP Conference Proceedings on CAD, CAM, CAE
  • Computer Animation Conference Proceedings
    Thanks to deslab website ...
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    Useful Links


    Here are some of my favourite links !

    Thanks to an early version of IIT Madras website...
    India Image
    Best Indian Sites
    Itihaas - The History of India
    Comprehensive info on Science and Technology in India
    Khoj - The Great Indian Search Engine


    The Hindu   The Indian Express India Today   Outlook

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    Other IITs

      Delhi   Mumbai (Bombay)     Kanpur    Kharagpur    Guwahati    Roorkee

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    Educational Sites

    World Lecture Hall Links to pages created by faculty, the world over, to deliver university-level courses, in any language, on the Web. A must-see.
    Bob Bowman's List of Online Tutorials Tutorials on courses, guides and activities of "educational value and technical focus".
    Computer Languages Pascal ? C++ ? Python !? Ada ?!!! Tutorials, software libraries and examples in all the computerese you ever wanted to learn.
    Math Forum Home Page For those of you suffering from 'mathophobia' here's a very friendly math site - with math resources, a math library, discussions on key issues in math and lots more!
    Why does that happen?: Physics Explained That's just it - why does somethings behave the way they do ! A site where you'll find answers to the questions in science which always baffled you. A must-see for physics lovers.
    Study Web From agriculture to politics, business to metaphysics - you name it  and they have it. A collection of some of the best study resources available on the Web.
    IEEE The official site of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers, Inc.
    NASA The official site of NASA.
    AIAA The official site of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
    Engineering Resources Periodicals, abstracts, research databases, resources on the WWW in a variety of subjects esp. engineering and technology.
    A2Z Best of the Net A compendium of the best sites in the WWW for a wide variety of topics.
    Stephen Hawking's Web Page Need we say more ?!
    Tata Institute of Fundamental Research The official site of TIFR, Mumbai, India.
    Indian Institute of Science The official site of IISc., Bangalore, India.
    Science at Discussions in subjects in pure science (botany, cosmology, mathematics etc.), science updates, interesting links. A site which deals with the designing and improvement of web-pages and web-sites.

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    Online Dictionaries and Thesauri


    Vocabulary.Com   Roget's Thesaurus   Phrases Phrase Finder

    Acronyms List of Dictionaries     Rhyming Dictionary

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    Classical Music Raag Sangeet South Indian Music

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    Calvin and Hobbes 




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    Linux Online Perhaps the most comprehensive linux site online. 
    The GNU Project GNU's not Unix is not Unix is not Unix is not Unix is not Unix ... (!!!)
    THE site for GNU's not Unix is not Unix ( oh no, there we go again...)
    Internet Oracle Not one or two, this site has a whopping twenty-three search engines for you to choose from! Music downloads, maps, games, medical info et al - a plethora of internet resources.
    Ethics in Engineering The online ethics center for engineers and scientists.
    World Alumni Net A terrific alumni site !
    BBC The official site for the British Broadcasting Corporation
    CNN CNN's official site.
    National Geographic The oldest nature mag, and possibly the world's best, is online! A must-see.
    WWF Sorry to disappoint  wrestling freaks - this is the official site for the World Wide Fund for nature.
    Discovery Channel Great feature stories, exciting expeditions and cam shots that capture Nature in her pristine glory. 
    Project Gutenberg A fantastic site for literature lovers - every single literary masterpiece is catalogued and available for download at this site. A MUST-SEE !!!

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    Great Tutorials

    A very good tutorial for beginners.

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