Principal Investigator

    Charles F. Harvey


Doctoral Students

Peter Oates

Rebecca Neumann

Hanan Karam

Kandaker Ashfaque

Lab Safety Dog

Kaeo Duarte  2002
Long-term management and discounting of groundwater resources with a case study of Kukio̕ Hawaii̕

Doctoral Graduates:

Holly Michael  2005

Seasonal dynamics in costal aquifers : investigation of submarine groundwater discharge through field measurements and numerical models
Mass transfer and dispersion processes in connected conductivity structures : simulation, visualization, delineation and application

Brendan Zinn 2003

Winston  Yu  2003 (Harvard)

Socio-Hydrologic approaches for managing groundwater contamination problems: strategies for the arsenic problem in Bangladesh.

Previous Post-Docs:

Chris Swartz

Jenny Jay, Dan Brabander, Kai Udert   (brief postdocs)

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