Substitutions within the HASS Requirement

To receive credit toward the HASS Requirement for a subject not already designated HASS, students must petition the CUP Subcommittee on the HASS Requirement. The following are examples of the types of subjects for which a student may seek HASS Elective credit:

Please note that Independent Studies and Internships are not elgible for HASS credit.

Students may combine certain 6-unit classes (taken for a letter grade) to form 12-unit HASS subjects as follows:

Note: Students who have questions about how these 6-unit subjects are auditing in their record should email

Guidelines for substitutions within the HASS Requirement

The content of the proposed subject must be in the Humanities, Arts, or Social Sciences. The following guidelines govern the approval of HASS petitions:


Procedures for substitutions within the HASS Requirement

  1. Complete the HASS Requirement petition form.
  2. Include any supporting materials - e.g., brief statement explaining request, syllabus, and statement of support from instructor if necessary.
  3. Print and sign the form; then have it signed by your advisor. If the proposed substitution is a graduate subject, the instructor must also sign the petition.
  4. Deliver the completed petition to the Office of the HASS Requirement in room 5-133. You will be notified of the final decision by e-mail.

Deadline: None. However, students are encouraged to submit petitions as soon as possible after they have received a grade for the subject. Seniors in their final term should submit a petition as soon as possible after finalizing their registration for the proposed substitution.


Petitions for HASS credit for subjects taken outside of MIT (not through cross-registration)

Normally, students may count subjects taken at other institutions towards the HASS Requirement as elective subjects with the Transfer Credit Examiner’s Approval. Students should contact the Transfer Credit Examiner in the appropriate department.

For more information or questions about this please email


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