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Blackburn, Renée

business and economic history; history of technology; automotive history; regulation; risk; industrial accidents; engineering; gender

Burks, Marie

history of the social sciences; history of the human sciences; modern US cultural and intellectual history

Chaudhuri, Ashawari

anthropology; sociology of science; hybridity; nature and culture; material-semiotic study of Bt cotton

Edoh, M. Amah

material culture; politics of representation; postcoloniality; West Africa

Fadok, Richard

history, philosophy, and anthropology of the life and health sciences; neuroscience; psychiatry; scientific technique and practice; historical epistemology, philosophy of science; social theory; historiography; science communication

Johnson, Amy

language and technology; linguistic and media anthropology; sociolinguistics; social media; CMC; parody; satire; humor

Kapsalakis, Lauren

medical anthropology; risk studies & statistics; environmental illness; diagnostic categories; epistemic authority; graphic evidence; ethnography & subjectivity; Latin America

Kelkar, Shreeharsh

sociology of computing, work and organizations; human-computer interaction; computer-supported cooperative work

Kim, Clare

history of mathematics; applied mathematics; science pedagogy

Kim, Grace

film; museum practices; visual culture

Labruto, Nicole

energy studies; anthropology of biology; environmental anthropology; biofuels; global STS; Brazil; Mozambique

Laurence, Alison

animals on display; cultures of collecting; natural history; museums; material culture; American history; cultural history

Lee, Jia Hui


human-non-human-animal relations; anthrozoology; post-conflict; international development; smell; rats

Li, Lan

history of medicine; China; integrative medicine; film and science; cultural anthropology of medicine and the body

Muir-Harmony, Teasel

American history; cold war; history of science; history of technology; space history

Müller, Lucas

history of life sciences and medicine; science policy; science in the public sphere

Mutlu, Burcu

new reproductive technologies; anthropology of science, technology and medicine; borders/boundaries; feminist theory

Oviatt, Peter

agriculture; land use; food systems; political ecology; soil conservation; domestication and commodification of fungi; mushrooms; mycorrhiza; history and anthropology of mycology

Özden-Schilling, Canay

economic anthropology; electricity markets; energy; infrastructures

Özden-Schilling, Tom

mining, strategic minerals, Canada, First Nations, geoinformatics, economic anthropology, environmental history, visual culture, history of geology

Perry, Rebecca

3D modeling, computer graphics, animation production, craftsmanship, interaction design, software tool design, education

Reis Castro, Luísa

anthropology of biology and health sciences; anthropology of science, technology and medicine; global STS; animal-human interactions; public health and politics; mosquitoes and vector control; mosquito-borne diseases

Robinson, Hilary


biological sciences; genomics; surveillance technology; computing; databases; forensics; stigma; race; gender; law; science and democracy; equality

Scaramelli, Caterina

anthropology of water and of natural resources governance; politics and imaginaries of hydropower; eco-parks and natural reserves governance; environmental conflict and social movements; Turkey

Semel, Beth

psychology; psychiatry; therapy; evidence; expertise; practice; health care; mind/body

Shapiro, Ryan

modern American history; history of medicine; history of science; animal-human interactions; environmental history; nuclear studies; war and society; surveillance; policing dissent; freedom of information

Shmuely, Shira

environmental history; human-animal relationships; law and science; law and society; critical theory

Singerman, David

history of empire; economic history; history of science; Atlantic history; Caribbean history; commodities; history of economic thought; cycling; doping; science and sport; eugenics

Thakor, Mitali

sex work; trafficking; feminist STS; critical surveillance and crime studies; digital STS

Thompson, Michaela

environmental history; history of biology; marine science; animal-human interactions; taxonomy; history of technology; apex predators

Tylko, John

history of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship; history of aeronautics and spaceflight; Apollo and the Cold War

Wanderer, Emily

anthropology of the life sciences; medical anthropology; public health and politics, security studies; biodefense

Webb, Claire

astronomy; history; feminist studies; philosophy; SETI; popular science

Wexler, Anna

neuroscience and society; brain machine interfaces; neuroengineering; bioethics; science and law; science and public policy

Wilson, Benjamin

nuclear history; history of science; U.S. political history; Cold War history