Richard Fadok
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Richard Fadok

Richard is a Ph.D. student in the History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, and Society (HASTS) program at MIT. He researches how scientists, engineers, architects, and artists under the banner of “bio-inspired design” comprehend and apprehend living organisms for technological purposes. He is curious why the biological has become such a potent site for constructing the future of human technical order and material culture. His other research projects have explored the political and ethical implications of direct-to-consumer microbiomics, the social dynamics of lab techniques in neuroscience (e.g. fMRI and optogenetics), and the global history of squid-based models of cellular communication. Prior to arriving at MIT, he received an M.Sc. in Biomedicine, Bioscience, and Society from the London School of Economics and an Sc.B. in Neuroscience and Science and Society from Brown University.

Key words

anthropology of the life sciences; design anthropology; science and technology studies; history of biology and biotechnology; media studies



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