Richard Fadok
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Richard Fadok

Richard is generally interested in the history and anthropology of the life and health sciences, in particular neuroscience and psychiatry. At HASTS, he intends to study the material, epistemic, and social consequences of emerging laboratory techniques for knowing and manipulating the brain. He seeks to track the multiple intersections among new practices in molecular, systems, and behavioral neuroscience; the study, constitution, and governance of psychiatric health and disease; and changing historico-philosophical notions of subjectivity and ethics.

Richard graduated with an MSc in Biomedicine, Bioscience, and Society from the London School of Economics in 2012. Before his time in England, he received an ScB in 2011 from Brown University with dual concentrations in Neuroscience and Science and Society. Hes committed to science communication and currently writes for BioNews, a weekly online publication for news, reviews, and editorials concerning the biological sciences.

Key words

history, philosophy, and anthropology of the life and health sciences; neuroscience; psychiatry; scientific technique and practice; historical epistemology, philosophy of science; social theory; historiography; science communication



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