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Blackburn, Renée

business and economic history; history of technology; automotive history; regulation; risk; industrial accidents; engineering; gender

Burks, Marie

history of the social sciences; history of the human sciences; modern US cultural and intellectual history

Chaudhuri, Ashawari

anthropology; sociology of science; hybridity; nature and culture; material-semiotic study of Bt cotton

Edoh, M. Amah

visual and material culture; anthropology of art and design; politics of representation; blackness; African-ness

Fadok, Richard

history, philosophy, and anthropology of the life and health sciences; neuroscience; psychiatry; scientific technique and practice; historical epistemology, philosophy of science; social theory; historiography; science communication

Johnson, Amy

language and technology; linguistic and media anthropology; sociolinguistics; social media; CMC; parody; satire; humor

Kapsalakis, Lauren

medical anthropology; risk studies & statistics; environmental illness; diagnostic categories; epistemic authority; graphic evidence; ethnography & subjectivity; Latin America

Kelkar, Shreeharsh

sociology of computing, work and organizations; human-computer interaction; computer-supported cooperative work

Kim, Clare

history of mathematics; applied mathematics; science pedagogy

Kim, Grace

film; museum practices; visual culture

Labruto, Nicole

energy studies; anthropology of biology; environmental anthropology; biofuels; global STS; Brazil; Mozambique

Laurence, Alison

animals on display; cultures of collecting; natural history; museums; material culture; American history; cultural history

Lee, Jia Hui


human-non-human-animal relations; anthrozoology; post-conflict; international development; smell; rats

Li, Lan

history of medicine; China; integrative medicine; film and science; cultural anthropology of medicine and the body

Lin, Xi


anthropology of the body; medicine and science; autism; disability; ethics and practices of care; China

Müller, Lucas

history of life sciences and medicine; science policy; science in the public sphere

Mutlu, Burcu

new reproductive technologies; anthropology of science, technology and medicine; borders/boundaries; feminist theory

Oviatt, Peter

agriculture; land use; food systems; political ecology; soil conservation; domestication and commodification of fungi; mushrooms; mycorrhiza; history and anthropology of mycology

Özden-Schilling, Canay

economic anthropology; electricity markets; energy; infrastructures

Özden-Schilling, Tom

mining, strategic minerals, Canada, First Nations, geoinformatics, economic anthropology, environmental history, visual culture, history of geology

Reis Castro, Luísa

anthropology of biology and health sciences; anthropology of science, technology and medicine; global STS; animal-human interactions; public health and politics; mosquitoes and vector control; mosquito-borne diseases

Robinson, Hilary


biological sciences; genomics; surveillance technology; computing; databases; forensics; stigma; race; gender; law; science and democracy; equality

Scaramelli, Caterina

anthropology of water and of natural resources governance; politics and imaginaries of hydropower; eco-parks and natural reserves governance; environmental conflict and social movements; Turkey

Semel, Beth

psychology; psychiatry; therapy; evidence; expertise; practice; health care; mind/brain/body

Shapiro, Ryan

modern American history; history of medicine; history of science; animal-human interactions; environmental history; nuclear studies; war and society; surveillance; policing dissent; freedom of information

Shmuely, Shira

environmental history; human-animal relationships; law and science; law and society; critical theory

Thakor, Mitali

sex work; trafficking; feminist STS; critical surveillance and crime studies; digital STS

Thompson, Michaela

environmental history; history of biology; marine science; animal-human interactions; taxonomy; history of technology; apex predators

Tylko, John

history of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship; history of aeronautics and spaceflight; Apollo and the Cold War

Webb, Claire

astronomy; history; feminist studies; philosophy; SETI; popular science

Wexler, Anna

neuroscience and society; brain machine interfaces; neuroengineering; bioethics; science and law; science and public policy