Lauren Kapsalakis
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Lauren Kapsalakis

Lauren Kapsalakis holds a BA and MA in Cultural and Medical Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania. Her previous ethnographic research unraveled the untended consequences of welfare paternalism and political clientelism on the informal economy and ethnic identity of the Toba indigenous group of Formosa, Argentina.

Broadly, she is interested in how science and technology delimit personal experiences of suffering and shape political agendas, colonial regimes, and national cultures. At HASTS, she intends on studying medical anthropology, the social dynamics of risk science, cultures of professionalism and expertise in the laboratory, diagnostic categories, and epistemic authority in medicine, especially in relation to validating environmental illness and toxin-related injuries. Further, she is interested in visual and material cultures in biomedicine, specifically, in how graphic evidence, imaging technologies, and scientific claims about biological material serve to manage difference and deviance.

Key words

medical anthropology; risk studies & statistics; environmental illness; diagnostic categories; epistemic authority; graphic evidence; ethnography & subjectivity; Latin America



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