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Zachary La Rock

Zach studies the conditions of possibility for monocrop agriculture in situations of bacterial epidemic, economic stagnation, and climate change. His ethnographic research is based in Puglia, Italy, where olive production has been existentially affected by Xylella fastidiosa, a yet incurable strain of pathogenic bacteria. In this project, he asks how public contestation of regulatory policy and novel biotechnology that are deployed in response to this ostensible environmental crisis reveals new and enduring challenges of producing food on a warming planet. Zach also holds an AM in social sciences from the University of Chicago and has been a visiting student at the UniversitÓ degli Studi di Firenze and the UniversitÓ di Bologna.


Key words

anthropology of science & technology; knowledge production; monocrop agriculture; labor; phytopathology; environmental regulation; bioengineering; risk; value; Italy and the European Union




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