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Timothy Y. Loh

Timothy Loh studies the politics of deafness and disability in Jordan and the broader Middle East and North Africa through the lens of medical anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and the social study of science. In particular, he is interested in understanding the impact of various “assistive” technologies—medical-rehabilitative and non-medical alike—on deaf and signing worlds in Jordan and how religion serves as a moral rubric for interactions with these technologies. For academic year 2020-22, Timothy is a Young NUS Fellow affiliated with Anthropology at Yale-NUS College in Singapore, where he has also conducted some research on sign language and the deaf community. His research is supported by the Social Science Research Council, the Royal Anthropological Institute, the MIT Center for International Studies, and the NUS Development Grant. 

Before coming to HASTS, Timothy worked as the programs manager at a small grassroots non-profit providing assistance to urban refugees in Amman, Jordan; taught history and Chinese at a boarding school in Madaba, also in Jordan; and coordinated a summer English remedial program for Palestinian refugee youth in Tyre, Lebanon. Born and raised in Singapore, he graduated from an accelerated dual-degree program at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, earning the Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (Culture & Politics) magna cum laude in 2015 and the Master of Arts in Arab Studies in 2016. 



Key words

deafness and sign language; critical disability studies; transnational discourses and movements; biopolitics, bioethics, and the state; religion; Middle East; Jordan; Singapore




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