Lucas Mueller
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Lucas Müller

Lucas Müller is a historian of science and medicine in the twentieth century. His research analyzes the interplay of scientific knowledge, expertise, and politics, focusing on the institutions and practices of international research in the postcolonial world. His current project concerns the international history of carcinogens at the intersection of cancer research, nutrition science, and agricultural research since 1960 in Great Britain, Kenya, India, and the United States. His research also draws on methods in science and technology studies, environmental history, and international history.

Lucas received a BSc and MSc in chemistry from ETH Zurich and a master’s degree in history of science, medicine and technology from Imperial College and University College London. His research has been supported by the Social Science Research Council, the National Science Foundation, and the Chemical Heritage Foundation

Key words

history of medicine; history of science; environmental history; international history; history of modern Europe; environmental history; global health; medical anthropology; Global STS; scientific expertise and regulation



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