Peter Oviatt
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Peter Oviatt

Peter’s work is an ongoing exploration into how fungi beneficially impact ecologies and economies. He examines fungi in ecologies that span the spectrums of wild/managed and urban/rural.

One of Peter’s major projects follows the wide array of cultivation methods for edible and medicinal mushrooms, as well as the emerging technologies that employ microfungi for agricultural applications and bioremediation.

Working and thinking with fungi, he considers the larger topics of de-industrialization, food production, soil ecology, symbiosis, and human-nonhuman interactions. As polarizing organisms (causing fear and fervor) fungi reveal the many ways in which individuals and societies understand and value the natural world.

Power structures enter Peter’s research through the materials, sites, actors, and diffusion of fungal knowledge.
Peter completed his MA in Politics at The New School for Social Research.

Key words

mycology; mushroom science; myco-technologies; edible fungi; food production; ecology; wildness



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