Rebecca Perry
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Rebecca Perry

Rebecca Perry has been a visual journalist with The Los Angeles Times and a freelance graphics editor and artist for the New York Times, Technology Review and many other publications. She holds a BFA and a master's degree in Media Studies, and spent a year as a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT. She has been involved with the Image and Meaning series of conferences and workshops on scientific visualization.

Research Areas

Rebecca is interested in 3D modeling, both physical and digital, for games and animation. She also studies the software used to create models and visual effects, as well as production pipeline design, user interface design and interaction design. Finally, she is interested in how modeling and CG concepts and skills are communicated, thinking in 3D, and in craftsmanship and education.

Key words

3D modeling, computer graphics, animation production, craftsmanship, interaction design, software tool design, education


rebperry at mit dot edu


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