Raha Peyravi
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Raha Peyravi

Raha is interested in the boundaries between medical use and misuse of opioid analgesics as they are shifting in the face of the increasing vigilance around prescription opioids in the U.S. Specifically, she intends to explore how the enhancement of analgesia and and eliminating “abuse” have become concerns in pharmaceutical research and in medical practice of pain management and how this potentially redefines the spaces of legitimacy for opioid use.

Raha came to the US from Tehran, Iran where she received her BA in psychology. In her thesis she explored how the everyday experiences of pleasure and its anticipation change in patients in a methadone clinic. In the US, she became interested in medical knowledge and research organized around opioid drugs as flexible in relation to legal and regulatory institutions and in relation to specific fields of medicine (anesthesiology, pain, addiction) they become relevant to. Raha comes to MIT after receiving her Masters in anthropology at Binghamton University where her fieldwork centered around medical narratives of addiction in a drug treatment court.

Key words

critical medical anthropology, addiction and pain medicine, history of anesthesiology




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