Alex Reiss Sorokin
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Alex Reiss Sorokin

Alex is interested in the social, political, and legal aspects of digital platforms. Specifically, her research focuses on rules and policies developed by private entities and their regulatory effects. What does it look like when a corporation, rather than a nation state, tries to promote democracy, provide security, or protect the freedom of speech? To answer this question, Alex seeks to provide a rich account of rules and policies developed by digital platforms alongside historical accounts of their development. Alex is also interested in infrastructure and maintenance work in both digital and traditional environments.

Her recent research projects explore questions such as: how did different models of online social networks develop? why does Facebook invest in educating its users about local elections and encourage users to vote? How did Google Search become the most dominant search engine and how did we come to use search engines at all?

Alex holds an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law and an LL.M. in International Legal Studies from New York University School of Law. She also holds a BA from the Multidisciplinary Program in Humanities at Tel Aviv University with a focus on the history and philosophy of science and ideas.

Key words

history and sociology of information technology; internet and platforms; digital histories; infrastructure and maintenance; privacy, control and surveillance; governance and regulation; law, science and society; social networks; algorithms



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