Boyd Ruamcharoen
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Boyd Ruamcharoen

Informed by the theorization of the atmosphere as elemental media, Boyd is interested in the interwoven history of meteorology and information technology. Tracing the environmental in the genealogy of “information society,” his inquiries probe into the function of the air in the development of media technology at the cusp of the digital age. With particular reference to the US military’s meteorological warfare in Southeast Asia during the Cold War, he plans to study the relationship between computational meteorology and planetary consciousness, asking how the air as a ghostly medium conditions not only the imaginary of the planetary public sphere, but also the material infrastructure thereof.

Boyd received a BA from Swarthmore College, where he studied cultural anthropology and Interpretation Theory.

Key words

Media/infrastructure archaeology; elemental media; information; publics; scale; representation; political anthropology; critical theory; United States; Southeast Asia; Thailand



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