Boyd Ruamcharoen
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Boyd Ruamcharoen

My research interests orbit air, media and communication technology, and environmental science. In my current project, I immerse the history of media and communication in the thick air of the tropics as a way to think about the place of the United States in the world. When I stray from these main orbits, I think and write about clouds, sunlight, fish, fungi, memory, Walter Benjamin, and Thailand (where I am from). Maybe one day these will all come together.

I hold an undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College. I am always eager to hear from those working on similar topics (or not) who would like to connect.

Key words

air and other elements; history of media and communication; history of environmental science; environmental history of technology; environmental media studies; anthropology of science and technology; media theory; social theory; materialisms; the United States in the world



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