Beth Semel
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Beth Semel

Beth draws on psychological anthropology, medical anthropology, and science and technology studies (STS) to examine how efforts to transform psychology and psychiatry into “harder” sciences shape techniques of self-care, as well as how these efforts might affect the accessibility and distribution of mental health care services. In particular, she focuses on the development, dissemination, and implementation of evidence-based psychotherapeutic treatments (EBTs), especially cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Current projects explore the ascription of scientific value to certain therapeutic paradigms over others, how human actors and technological agents co-constitute evidence of a therapy’s efficaciousness in research and treatment practices, and how developments in neuroscience, health care policy, and digital technologies influence EBTs and practitioners’ encounters with them. She is also interested in exploring illnesses and mental health interventions that challenge mind/body dichotomies.

Key words

psychology; psychiatry; therapy; evidence; expertise; practice; health care; mind/body



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