Erik Stayton
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Erik Stayton

Erik Stayton is a technologist and technology scholar interested in shaping the future of human relationships to technology by studying and critiquing their past, their present, and conventionally accepted visions of their future. He received his dual-degree Sc.B. from Brown University in physics and English literature, with an honors thesis in gravitational lensing. After several years as a designer, programmer, and educational writer, he came to MIT Comparative Media Studies where he completed a master's thesis on automated vehicle technologies and the often unacknowledged complexity and hybridity of automated systems. This work is driven by the idea that only an eye toward the design of the whole system---humans and machines in the context of broader social goals---will reliably produce vehicles that live up to our driverless dreams. At HASTS, Erik continues his technocultural research through a new historical and anthropological lens, examining human relationships to everyday automation technologies, the ideologies that drive and support automation R&D, and the lived experience of human agents in these interactions. He is also interested in the intersection of human technological augmentation with issues of privacy, property, control, and equitable access.

Key words

automation; artificial intelligence; mechanization of work; affective computing; natural language technologies; electronic privacy/security; data visualization; future of the human



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