Anna Wexler
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Anna Wexler

Anna Wexler is interested, broadly, in the social and ethical implications of neuroscience advancements. In particular, she is interested in the ramifications of recent progress in neuroengineering and brain machine interfaces for privacy issues, law, and public policy.

Anna graduated from MIT in 2007 with two bachelor's of science degrees, one in Brain and Cognitive Science and the other Humanities and Science with a focus in Writing. She held a one-year position as a filmmaker-in-residence at WGBH before moving to Tel Aviv, where she worked as a freelance writer (specializing in science and travel) and documentary filmmaker. Her debut feature documentary, Unorthodox, captures the unique phenomenon of the “year in Israel” in the American Modern Orthodox Jewish community.

Key words

neuroscience and society; brain machine interfaces; neuroengineering; bioethics; science and law; science and public policy



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